Understanding Astigmatism and Its Treatment Options

When someone is born, there eye is either perfectly shaped or it contains some bends and curves in the cornea. When the cornea is not perfect, it can cause blurred vision for the suffering person. Understanding astigmatism can help someone learn about its causes and its treatment options. When someone is able to get the help they need for their eyes, it may increase their ability to see in a clear way.
Normal cornea shapes consist of a lens that is perfectly smooth and shaped to fit the exact size and shape of the eye. When it is not perfect, the vision is distorted because it does not match up. Vision may be foggy or unclear and could cause issues with distance or objects that are up close.
In many cases, a person with extreme amounts of the condition may have already been born with it. If the eyes were checked at birth, it would show that high levels of astigmatism were present. For lower amounts, the condition can develop over time. Some people may find that they discover blurry vision as an adult or a teenager. Low amounts of the condition can go untreated and even unnoticed in many people.
Glasses can be prescribed to someone who has the condition when it goes in a normal direction. If the astigmatism proceeds in the same direction, it can be corrected with a simple prescription lens. People may have to wear the glasses all the time or just for certain things.
For an extreme case of the condition, people may have to use a hard lens over the cornea. There are also surgical measures that can be taken to correct someone's vision. Surgery can be used to place a piece of corneal tissue over the cornea, the tissue is donated from another source.
A toric lens system is placed on the back of the cornea to stabilize the eye. It may take some time to place the hard lens over the eye and the after effects could take a few weeks to heal. Surgery may be the best option for someone with severe amounts of the condition. Experts will be able to let a patient know the best care for them.
Some people will learn that they have a condition as an adult. They may have not noticed their vision being slightly off as a young child. As people grow older the problem may cause them to notice some irregular vision from time to time. Glasses can help an adult see much better than before.
There are different types of treatment used for the condition of the eyes. The treatment could consist of corrective glasses or surgical procedures. When someone does not notice a difference in the way that they see, they may leave the condition untreated. Understanding Astigmatism can help someone make a choice that is right for them. They may choose to use surgery to correct their severe case, or they could use glasses to correct a mild case. Whether someone is born with the condition or develops it later in life, there are many ways to live with the curved cornea.

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