FUE & FUT Hair Transplant and Megasessions in Surgical Hair Restoration

If you want to restore a full head of hair, there are a lot of options that you can choose from today. You can wear hair pieces such as wigs or toupees, take hair loss medications, or use laser hair treatment. But one aggressive approach to restore hair is a good hair transplant. It is the surgical intervention that is aimed at creating a natural-looking result. But is it really a good choice for hair restoration?

FUE & FUT Hair Transplant

Hair transplant forumHair transplant is invasive in nature. The process involves the removal of donor hairs usually at the back of the head. There are two methods for doing this, the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). As individual hair grafts are carefully removed, the surgeon now prepares the donor area for transplant.

Very meticulously, the surgeon places the implants into the donor area with the right angulation, direction, distribution and groupings. In this way, he can create a more natural look compared to earlier hair transplant results, where it is characterized to be more like a doll’s hair or corn rows. With this, the surgeon is able to provide better aesthetic outcome and patient satisfaction.

The natural looking results are also brought by the fact that it is the patient’s own hair that is used. And the fact that the results can last a long time speaks of how it is an efficient treatment. You don’t have to worry on whether the hair grafts may not thrive in the new area because there is such a thing as donor dominance. So even if the healthy hair grafts are transplanted into a balding spot, it will still take on its own characteristic and continue to thrive.

But this procedure also has its set of drawbacks which has to be considered. First of all, the invasive nature of the procedure can make you vulnerable to certain complications such as bleeding and infection. Scarring is also a big possibility especially with FUT or the strip method, which leaves the patient with a linear scar at the back where the piece of the scalp containing donor grafts is removed.

Megasessions in Surgical Hair Restoration

Because there are some cases where a particular patient requires a wider coverage, this may take more than one session. Megasessions are not really encouraged since this just might lead to poor results because it can be very tiring for the surgeon and it also creates greater trauma to patient’s scalp.

Multiple sessions can be daunting and usually it is because of the fact that a single procedure alone is very costly. Some people shun away from this treatment because they cannot afford the price. For starters, you need to pay for each hair graft needed on top of the surgeon’s fee, anesthetic fee and theatre fee. Hair transplant in Singapore usually cost thousands of dollars although there are some clinics who offer financing options to help the patient afford the procedure.

I hope somehow this clears up the air and help you decide better. But overall, I think hair transplant is a good option in hair restoration because it can create permanent natural looking results. It has a list of disadvantages but when you weigh them against the benefits, you can see that you gain more with the procedure. Hair transplant is a cost-efficient option that will give you impressive results.

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