Essential Details About Acupuncture Points

Puncture is an important method of treatment in acupuncture. Hair-thin needles are inserted into acupuncture points. It is said to stimulate the meridians and treatment of diseases.Meridians are called Jingluos in Chinese medicine. Insertion points are called Shuxue which means the transfer points.There are a number of sensitive points around the body through which energy is transferred between the internal structures. When you respond to these points, you may experience pain. The acupuncturist knows these points and apply treatment.Your body should be full of positive energy for the healthy functioning. If you do not have enough positive energy, negative or harmful energy can invade your body through these sensitive points.This disease causes.The main motive of acupuncture to increase the positive energy through the stimulation so that it is the right balance between the yin and yang energy levels. There are three types of points to respond is 14 basic points of the meridian, which includes 12 core items and the items on the concept and the governor of the court, extreme points and the points, yes.There are unique names for each of the points, and they have a fixed location. "Yes," points do not have names and are called pain points. When the doctor clicks on a point to check out the pain, the patient said "yes" when you press space, and therefore these points are called points, yes.A total of 360 responding acupuncture points throughout the human body. You do not need to memorize all of them for their own healing.You should keep in mind about 20 points, and if you want to find the other point is the meridian charts for this purpose.You can easily transfer them to find out the right place. There is a meaningful name for each point. Function, location and use of each point are given in Table meridian.Place names are in Chinese acupuncture and are used as in English. Those who do not understand Chinese, may not be able to understand the meaning of each name. There is an association based on the meridian points, which is called the I Ching.The name of the meridian in two short letters, and each of the items that run along the meridian are numbered from the start point to end point. To determine the point of the meridian of 12 spleen, it is written as the SP12. Xue-hai point translates as "sea of ​​blood." This point is used to treat all problems related to blood.Although, to find the desired point of acupuncture is difficult, you can find it in two coordinates by using a reference point and distance.The starting point is the location on the body, as the edge of the finger, the highest point of the elbow, etc. You should measure the distance from your own hand and a device called a cun.The width of the thumb is one cun, a width of three middle fingers on the two cun, and four fingers of a three-cun. You can find out the main point of the principal meridian and measure your fingers to find extra points.

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