Curcuma Longa (turmeric) – a Common Spice With the Ability to Heal Dry, Damaged Skin

Across eastern India, Thailand, curcuma longa - better known as turmeric - arthritis, hepatitis, liver problems, menstrual disturbances, Alzheimer's disease, ringworm with fibromylagia, and the number of conditions, including the treatment can help prevent . This is a paste or dry and flaking skin is used in the treatment of savaruva visesavenu.

miracle cure
Curcuma longa, such a miracle cure, why the West can easily be used? Eating Asian countries may not be part of the reason, it is naturally yellow. It is commonly used, for example, is used in curries visesavenu. Alternative therapy may be less familiar than Americans to keep a low spice turmeric.

Because of our culture, Ney, more attuned to the West in a variety of drug treatment capacity is Yellow. Alternative or natural therapy, approved, or encouraged the doctors or nurses. Western medicine and became the first public recognition, the need for clinical trials for drug points - based approach, it will take. Subsequently, a number of scientific studies have documented the absence of evidence is considered inconclusive. Drug companies' share, experiments in the fund to take advantage of most often, it can be done to reduce economic aid to healing and less conclusive evidence that the medical community so that the original vegetation, stands to reason.

However, curcuma longa (turmeric) is rapidly gaining attention and government support.

· National Institutes of Health National Center for Complementary Medicine

Yellow is a high priority of the National Health NCCAM mechanical research. Turmeric, curcumin, cancer, psoriasis, and Alzheimer's disease, a variety of applications, including active components, is currently in clinical trials.

Fast Track: Curcumin arthritis, psoriasis and irritable bowel syndrome have shown some benefits.

Properties of turmeric to support healthy benefits of pre-scientific medicine? Only to say, and studies will take years. But generally the cooking spice, and hundreds of thousands of years, where, as a testimony to the value at the level of debate.

Drug trade, according to some opinions, periodical poses a lower risk of skin treatment because it is difficult to reduce the basis of such experiments. For centuries, Asian men and a bright yellow turmeric paste applied to the skin of women who create the risk of mixing water. However, the yellow colors in all, a lousy treatment, and around the farm.

Thai Foot Relief, including the application of the magazine to get the benefits of turmeric pogostemon cablin turmeric (curcuma longa), ginger and other plants that are easy to extract, as well as Siam LaCosta, cassumunar oil and natural product. Foot cream (and scaly elbows, fingers, dry, dry cuticles are equally suitable for use) is better, absorbs quickly, and leave the poor alternative medicine should be established based on the residue.

Dry, damaged skin, and the ability to heal other health benefits of turmeric, was now the only light coming from the West. Studies on the effect of affirming the NIH and others visesavenu yellow solution is expected to be available in the magazine.

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