Who Needs Chinese Medicine?

When say Chinese medicine most people attribute this to the nontraditional and separate philosophy of medicine that is entirely different from modern medicine.
Though this is true, this has proved its effectiveness to cure many diseases and problems for which you cannot find complete cure in western medical treatment. This is categorized as alternative medicine and this includes some questionable medical practices.
But still, this is an art that includes herbal treatment, acupuncture and acupressure treatments. You can incorporate this form of treatment together with that which your medical doctors provide. You can enrich your life with this traditional type of therapy.
Bak Foong pills of Chinese medicine are used for controlling hormones and to relive the discomforts experienced during the menstrual cycle. After baby birth, you can use these pills to revive your body and get back the lost energy.
They are powerful in regulating the hormones and building up the immune system so that the menstrual cycle will be regular. However the pills must not be taken when the woman is having her menstruation. Taking it before and after will help you to overcome discomforts experienced during the cycle.
In Chinese medicine authentic bird’s nest is available in pill form to protect the body against illness. Above all, acupuncture is very popular these days and has developed into modern medicine. This is very helpful for curing pain and other problems.
This is very helpful to lose weight and to quit smoking and for many other healthy changes in your life. Many products are available in pill forms to help you get healthy lifestyle. Together with this, nutritional changes and herbal products are also used.
The fundamental philosophy of Chinese medicine is related to yin and yang. Everything present in nature appears as pairs. The dependent opposites give meaning to each other.
Good example is night and day, up and down. One cannot have meaning without the other. Similarly yin and yang are opposite reactions and this includes all the aspects of the universe. This defines the fundamental ideas of five energies namely wood, fire, metal, water and earth.
There is a connection between human body and these energies. The energy pathways have acu-points along them and these points are stimulated by acupuncture. The auricular therapy, herbal therapy, acupressure therapy and massage are the various branches of Chinese medicine.
Those who are suffering from overweight problem certainly would find solution in this method of medical treatment. Ephedra is an herb that is highly recommended for weight loss. But there is a possibility of this affecting the nervous system and so it is better to avoid this. However this gives a good cure for patients suffering from asthma.
The metabolism of your body is boosted by the herbs such as ginger, ginseng, eucommian bark, etc. Bo Jen Mi Tea is very helpful to curb your eating habit. This is not regular tea but consists of half herbs and half tea. If you take treatment for any of your problems with Chinese medicine, the chances of recurrence are very less. So you get better treatment without side effects.
Chinese medicine is very helpful to many people in many ways, especially for those who are suffering from acute problems.

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