Top 3 Gynecomastia Pills – Their Cost and Efficiency

Research has shown that there are 33 in every 100 male who have abnormal breast enlargement or gynecomastia. Several treatment modalities are continually done to correct such condition. One promising breakthrough in gynecomastia treatment is taking in gynecomastia pills. The three most common pills for Gynecomastia are the Ultimate Gynemax, Gynexerol, and Gynexin. Let us know more about these drugs as we read on the information below:

1. Ultimate Gynemax

gynemax reviewsThe Ultimate Gynemax offers the best deal among the three gynecomastia drugs. It gives a money-back guarantee if results are not proven within 60 days. This condition applies if you purchase a 3 month supply of Ultimate Gynemax which will be added with free 2 months worth of supply. This is a deal worth $199.95. After 60 days of taking Ultimate Gynemax, significant results should be noticed or else you can ask for a refund for every unopened bottle that you purchased.

The reason behind this 60-day guarantee offer is to provide an allowance of one month to achieve optimal result. The earliest noticeable decrease in breast size however is achieved on the first three weeks of taking Ultimate Gynemax. Ingredients of This drug include green tea extracts and chromium picolinate. It also has Slimaluma and Caralluma Fimbriata which are intended to suppress appetite. Hence this drug is ideal for gynecomastia that is linked to obesity.

To achieve best result, Ultimate Gynemax should be taken three times a day (one capsule after each meal). Taking this drug with coffee or tea is not advised. Increased intake of water is recommended when taking this drug. Some minor side-effects that can occur when taking this drug are insomnia and headaches.

2. Gynexerol
Since the year 2005, Gynexerol has been out in the market. It is priced at $69.95 for a monthly supply. This drug is effective for reducing fatty deposits at the breast and treating puffy nipples by correcting the hormonal imbalance in the male body and shrinking the mammary glands of the male breast. Gynexerol is usually recommended to be taken two times a day, 30 minutes before a meal. It is advised to increase your water intake after taking this drug. Minimum of eight ounce of water is good.
Significant reduction of breast size and nipple puffiness can be observed after three months of taking Gynexerol. There are no reported side-effects of Gynexerol other than weight loss. Aside from this, a team of health professionals has formed The Perfect Chest Guide which is committed to educate and treat people with gynecomastia. This program is structured to ensure consumer loyalty as well as to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

3. Gynexin

This is an herbal supplement derived from cacao and green tea. Its main ingredients include Chromium Picolinate and Theobromine Cacao. Its monthly price is $69.95. It targets male mammary glands and decreases the fatty tissues deposited in the breast. As recommended, one Gynexin capsule is taken before breakfast and another one capsule before dinner. Gradually, this dosage can be increased up to four capsules a day. After six weeks of religiously taking Gynexin, a noticeable reduction of breast is achieved. Taking this drug for six months will result to optimal decrease of breast size and observable chest firmness.
When desired breast size is achieved, a minimal dose of Gynexin should still be taken to maintain chest firmness. One capsule a day is recommended. Side-effects of this drug include stomach upset, increased heart rate and dryness of the mouth.

Patiently taking these drugs along with healthy lifestyle and exercise will significantly give you your desired chest shape. Pharmacological approach is a better way before resorting to cosmetic surgery for the treatment of gynecomastia.

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