Fundamental Concepts Of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is in practice for more than 3000 years. The refined form of this therapy is practiced today. The root cause of the problem is diagnosed and treated and this reduces the chance of recurrence of the problem. The fundamental concept of acupuncture is Qi which is nothing but the energy pathways.
This is important for motivating and determining the physical and emotional health of a person. There should be a balance in these energy levels. If the equilibrium is disturbed this leads to the development of diseases. The pathways through which the energy flows are called as meridians. You can access the energy meridians and rebalance them.
Rebalancing the energy of your body is done by inserting fine needles. The points of insertion are determined by the acupuncturists based on your condition.
This triggers the self healing mechanism in your body and contributes to health. All stress related problem, rheumatism and joint pains, migraine and constipation are cured by acupuncture.
This is also used to treat menstrual problems, sciatica, morning sickness and other types of pains. The treatment starts by questioning the patient about their problems and lifestyle. The pulse and tongue of the patient is observed to assess his condition. Then the right points are selected and treated.
When the needles are inserted you do not feel pain as they are very fine and hair thin. However you will feel little sensation when they contact with the energy at that point. If the Qi is influenced the sensation felt at the beginning will last for few seconds. After twenty minutes the needles are removed. At that time, there will be a feeling of relaxation.
If you are undergoing your first session you may feel very tired after completing the treatment. The treatment has to be continued for few days as per the requirement. The length of treatment will vary depending upon the body condition, problems you have and frequency of visits. Once the energy levels are rebalanced you can feel the increased energy.
If you want to become an acupuncturist you must get trained in an acupuncture school where you get lessons on acupressure, herbology Qi Gong, traditional Chinese medicine and moxibustion. You will learn about the conceptions and misconceptions of the eastern medicine.
The process of needling is the fundamental theory of this alternate medicine. You will get a clear comprehension of how this process acts as a stimulus on your body. When you continue your treatment, this manipulates the physiological functioning of your body. The energy force Qi or Chee is focused. You will learn how this involves and influences the human body.
The acupuncturist you select must have finished his schooling and then completed Master’s program also. He also should pass the certification exams to practice this art. You may study herbology and oriental medicine in combination with this.
Acupuncture is not the regular method of treatment that is commonly seen. But this involves emotional, physical, spiritual and mental aspects of restoring your health and well being. All of them are achieved by balancing the paired meridians and meticulous placement of needles.
Do not forget to check the credentials of the acupuncturist before you select him to start your acupuncture therapy.

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