What Are The Best Ways Of Understanding Heart Attack Symptoms?

Ischemic heart disease, heart attack sub. World Health Organization reported that 12% of the world's total number of death, ischemic heart disease. The number may have grown up now. Many diseases of the developing countries, and there has been a major reason for deaths. And developing countries, most of the previous one. Stroke, not just AIDS, and respiratory infections, a major disease in the third on the list.

What are heart attacks?

heart attack and symptomsThe lack of blood flow to the organs of the body when it is no longer working in the medical name for heart attack and heart attack. This is caused by a faulty heart. Circulation is blocked, the heart tissue of the human circulatory system, such as failure to forestall the subtle causes of death. Resulting in death of heart tissue, and is devastated by a lack of oxygen throughout the body.
Deadly attacks around the world, each of the main bar. An angina history, or blood vessel disease, stroke, or previous myocardial infarction, age, excessive alcohol, illegal drugs, smoking, abnormal heart beat, obesity, stress, high-level, high cholesterol levels or the premiums are low, high triglycerides, high blood pressure, diabetes, and the wide, but there is no The entire list of potential risk factors for heart attacks as a means to contribute.

Milder symptoms in women

In most cases of severe chest pain, women who have suffered because of the symptoms are sometimes misleading. Many women are cheap, but the pain in a special "crisis" of the complaint. This is simply a wrong diagnosis leading to more treatment was bothered by the delay, which must be reviewed to prevent men and women have different characteristics, to understand that.
Based on the weakness, beats, upper abdominal pressure, and unusual fatigue, indigestion, clammy sweats, and sleep, feeling abnormal breathing problems, heart attack symptoms in women are usually a few. This was supposed to be "soft" features of the destruction of any of the problems that men and women who have a low heart, and the fact that hardly needs to be developed, however, should not assume that.

Next: Death of a muscle

Obviously, a good percentage of fatal muscle of the dead to life, and for this we need to "heart failure" involving the popular call for times. However, if even death in severe low muscle can be resisted. Once dead, including the heart muscle, usually to compensate for expansion and muscles, reduce muscle tension after a death and start the remodel. When the process is extensive and stop, and can weaken the muscles.

Cost of medical treatment

Now, from a heart attack often starts with an expensive disease. Pampered in the best facilities available for treatment is included. At present, the heart and increase the cost of care for the medical facilities may not be more happy, but he (or she) sees the bills after the heart attack victim, again, is likely to breakdown. The high cost of equipment and drugs that affect the negative cardiac care, has led to an increase in prices in general.

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