Tips to Prevent CancerDangers of Barbecued Meat

Barbecues are often in the air, the smell of smoke, meat, or with a group of related parties in the rear. There is no denying that one of barbecued food, tastiest foods, but the taste comes from the cost of your health.

Recent studies have found smoking or barbecued food is more dangerous than they thought. However, if you follow your barbecue to enjoy this as much as possible to reduce the risks to his health, there are a few tips.

barbecued meat to the root cause of food-related health risks. This latest research was barbecued chicken, red meat, lamb, pork, and fish, two carcinogenic substances emitted light can be seen.
foods and cancer

The first cancer, the objective of Health National Institute of carcinogenic heterocyclic amines is considered to be reasonable, it is. High temperature of about overcooked meat or Char - Grilled Heterocyclic amines, or HCAs are produced later. Studies in the mouse intestine, the HCA with the mouse prostate, and breast, including cancer or other diseases after the contract has been shown in several organs. Effect of human beings has not yet discovered.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the second cancer of the object, it is abbreviated as disgust. When the fat from meat drips on the hot charcoal to form PAHs through the food on the smoke. This is the Char - Grilled food is formed directly in the case of disgust.

If you follow the formula in a healthy barbecuing items in both of these cancers can be avoided. The following tips can help you prepare a meal with a healthy barbecue:

The right temperature cooking

Cooked or precooked food must be very carefully prepared, and you have the correct temperature to prevent the use of the grille. If you are preparing food, cooking time should be avoided at any stage in the process. Meat is often good practice to follow in the Midi and low temperature to keep the grille. He was cooking at low temperatures and in a short period of time, you can also buy meat in thin slices. Before you barbecue, you can measure the temperature and the following USDA - recommended minimum temperatures (degrees Fahrenheit at all temperatures) for compatibility try:

• Chicken breast and whole chicken: 165
• Pork and ground beef: 160
• Steaks, roasts, and fish: 145

Select lean meat

In order to prevent disgust as you can before cooking, you should trim the fat than meat. Select lean cuts of meat that you will be the more easily. Meat is cooking, but, to avoid the dripping fat and meat is often the flip to avoid stabbing.

Marinate in front of

Recent studies in some of the meat is marinating ingredients, like vinegar, preventing the formation of two substances that help the cancer is found. Study, teriyaki sauce, marinated beef steak marinade without a HCA saw more than 67 percent.

According to a report published by the Harvard research, after the meat is cooked at high temperatures, heterocyclic amines to form amino acids, creatine can interact, causing the driver will be the cancer. , Frying grilling, or broiling the meat is cooking here is why a healthy pace. Smoke rises from burning coals, which is a cancer - causing chemicals in the meat because it exposes Grilling is double trouble.

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