Breast Cancer Treatment and Fertility

There may be a devastating experience for women with breast cancer. Death, fear of surgery and a difficult cancer treatments, as well as sexuality and body image can also be reduced by the fears of breast cancer elicits. They were the best decisions about their treatment that the patient talk with his doctor, where the depth is important.

treatment for breast cancerSome women should be asking their doctor before treatment begins with questions about the bad information. Planning for children and mothers have more children are still young women put their fertility at risk for cancer are advised to talk to their doctor.

Chemotherapy can affect the ability of your children. Many well-informed young women standing in the eggs before they decide to start chemo, but the women of their fertility treatment to preserve their fertility, or of how much knowledge about the available options.

At the time of breast cancer, fertility problems

Most doctors advise that it should be a priority for the fertility treatment of breast cancer. Fortunately, breast cancer does not mean that parents garbageman Doomed forever in your dreams. Cancer treatment, as well as your first preference, you can still maximize the chances of your parents garbageman.

It is important for the physician and patient to work on this together. If the patient's relative, partner's concerns with the need to be factored. You are required to answer a few questions:

You and your partner, how important to have a baby?

If you plan to allow parents an optimistic forecast is in your future?

It is safe for you to be pregnant?

Where survival is limited by the frequency or if the child in your absence has a lot of caretakers?

If you are comfortable with the adoption, or a parent to consider using donor eggs?

Anyone who has a severe emotional toll of this cancer is to budge to anybody is too bogged down in difficult questions to answer for sure. However, if you are preparing for cancer treatment, it is important that you answer these questions.

Chemotherapy and fertility

Chemotherapy that you are infertile? The answer depends on the woman in the age and the use of chemotherapy drugs. If you are younger, better treatment, even after the ovaries continue to produce fertile eggs for your opportunities. Some chemotherapy drugs such as titillating agents, especially belonging to the group, causing significant damage than others for the ovaries. Types of drugs used to treat your cancer with your doctor talk about.

Fertility Preservation

A relatively good prognosis with your doctor, you can preserve fertility, a fertility specialist if you ask about options.

Some questions you should ask your fertility specialist is:

You should now be standing in your eggs? If the method is not included?

Some of your ovarian tissue freezing is to be considered?

Where you want to reduce the risk to fertility treatments?

Financial, medical, emotional and time of each of these options, which includes the cost of the wise?

If your doctor says your okay to postpone chemo, you can harvest a lot of eggs at this time may wish to undergo ovarian stimulation. Also consider how safe the fertility drugs. Some of the hormones and breast cancer cell activity to promote the drug to cause rapidly spreading.

Some soul-searching and discussion with your oncologist and a fertility expert, you become a parent in the future may come with a specific plan.

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