Symptoms Of West Nile Virus

what are the symptoms of west nile virus
West Nile virus (WNV) West Nile encephalitis, a serious medical condition that leads to swelling of the brain, therefore, as a result of a virus that causes the infection.

West Nile virus is transmitted to humans by the bite of the mosquito Culex tarsalis. The possibility of disease transmission, and it is different than the annual mean temperature, rainfall and mosquito population is dependent on. June up to the spread of West Nile virus most often occurs at the end of September.
That the mosquitoes are already infected with WNV from birds to get food to the virus. Or may not get the birds with WNV disease. The birds and the dissemination of its life cycle, the virus carrying the service. It has five days to carry a virus or infection was more than enough because the mosquitoes that feed many species of birds, dust-colored house sparrow WNV may not be the main reservoir. When an infected mosquito bites and hiruvaga blood and in the process, when the virus is injected to the victim of WNV is transmitted to other animals and humans.

The person bitten by an infected mosquito before symptoms appear, it usually takes five to fifteen days. However, WNV became infected, most people do not show any symptoms and they do not fall ill.
The effect of infection ranging from mild to severe. Cases of mild infection, the infected patients, usually the body aches, headache, fatigue, fever, swollen lymph and disease experience. More serious cases can lead to infection or chronic illness that is often life-threatening or likely to lead to lifetime disability. WNV encephalitis or meningitis can cause a serious infection. Patients suffering from chronic infection with the virus show symptoms of high fever, somnolence, occasional convulsions, stiff neck, tremors and paralysis like. WNV infection is a serious confusion, depression, irritability and memory loss effects of long-term patient.
No vaccine is available to me, or is no cure for WNV. Cases is often considered a mild infection without medical care. However, people who display symptoms of severe infection and immediately rushed to the hospital so that the correct diagnosis and treatment must be administered.

Anyone can get infected with West Nile virus. The people most at risk from infections caught from the regions and areas of infection. During the mosquito population to the disease usually occurs. The infection in the early autumn (in temperate areas) means that the spread of late summer. However, in areas with mild climates, infections can occur throughout the year.

WNV infection in severe cases can affect all ages. However, older people and those with chronic health problems and weakened immune systems are usually those who developed a severe infection.

To protect yourself from WNV, the less time you spend outdoors between dusk and rise. Long-sleeved pants and light colored, loose clothing to wear can also be attached to help protect yourself from mosquito bites. Also, as you see it in Windows and doors are free from holes and tight to the screen. Also, use mosquito repellent and apply to practice.

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