Bipolar Disorder

symptoms of bipolar disorder
Bipolar disorder or manic depression, unusual and often hoydatavannu, the energy is suddenly linked to a higher level of athletic activity and everyday tasks are difficult to create a mental disorder. The acute symptoms of the disease. Damage to relationships with bipolar disorder, at work or school, or freezing can lead to unsatisfactory performance. The disease is curable, and those affected, can lead a normal life.Bipolar disorder are usually in their late teens or early twenties, at the age of 25 can be seen in young people. Some people have symptoms of the disease in their childhood.What are the risk factors for bipolar disorder? Scientists believe the disease has no known cause. Work together to produce a number of factors and conditions contribute to the disease. Genetics / genetic causes of bipolar disorder is a must. Research and studies to find the real reason the disease is in the process of work.What are the symptoms and signs of bipolar disorder in adults? People with bipolar disorder experience severe 'emotional episodes.' His hoydatavannu occur frequently and extensively. overexcited state of chronic stress known as' the Mad 'premium' that 'depressive episode.' Joy and sorrow of the same features are located in a 'mixed episode may occur.

Some of the major symbols of mental disorders: 

Delirium episode: 

• Prolonged or severe inflammatory condition 
• Recreation Program Policies
 • Extreme anxiety or rapid thoughts, there is no concentration at any time to work on another idea of ​​jumping
 • • • Restless sleep • insomnia or excessive tension on the behavior ofDepressive episode: a long, empty feeling 
• • Loss of interest in once pleasurable activities, fatigue
 • • • Thoughts committing suicide in old age and habits of eating and sleeping with the changes to take decisions 
• ProblemsBipolar disorder be prevented? No, bipolar illness can be prevented. Once the disease, which can be considered. Treatment for a long time, and patience is required. This treatment will be lithium and lamictal. They remain effective, with certain other drugs can be used to stabilize the condition.How bipolar disorder diagnosed? Bipolar disorder, his / her and others around the suffering of a person's experience. In the second stage, followed by a psychiatrist or nurse. Patients can be admitted to the activities of note.Medical tests confirm the presence of the disease, there are also. A CT scan of the brain are likely to remove the conflict from an EEG epilepsy. But some of the bipolar spectrum diagnostic scale dhrdhapadisabahudu the presence of bipolar disorder.Like other serious illnesses, bipolar disorder spouses, family members, friends, and other care providers can be difficult. Relatives and often return to work or school because of poor performance during the mania, such as wild spending sprees during a severe recession and serious problems of human behavior, have to cope with. Behavior of the permanent effects.Carers in general, see the medical needs of their beloved. It dealt with how much impact their health carers. Under the stress on carers and people may not understand the situation in the northern, or strained relationships with physical and mental exhaustion, loss of free time. Work may lead to

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