What to Look For With Osteoporosis and How to Treat It

During development, a major and positive influence on bone mass and physical activity, adequate intake of calcium (at least 1000 mg daily) is. A small increase in bone mass, as opposed to the exercise of some drugs such as lead, limited calcium deficiency and chronic inflammatory processes and management to achieve lower peak bone mass may be a contributing factor.Skeletal bone density is between 25 to 30 years. 30 about, is often a bone as a result of 1% per year, regardless of gender, there is a negative bone balance. To less than 50% of the density of points in the life of individuals between 20 and 80 years, Trabecular bone measurement. Of calcium in bone tissue is deposited at the time of day and night, and secreted into the bloodstream more slowly. In a study of bone biopsies, which is also the possibility of a vertebral body and proximal femur bone loss in more, that the skeleton is shown in more or less the same in all places.Postmenopausal women, estrogen levels are less than 4% of each bone, bone volume was 40% of women 40 to 70 years to lose the meaning of the relationship, and not only lose 12% of men. The maximum amount of inherited childhood bone mass, and it appears that one of the major factors in prevention. The expected average value of a certain age-related bone mineral measurement of the Z - July that the standard deviations of age, can be expressed.-1 Of the T - July with a standard deviation lower than individuals with an average value of bone mineral, approximately 2 times higher risk of fracture in the rest of his life in others. BMD decreased risk of treatment for individuals only. Additional follow-up examinations of the potential causes of BMD findings Reductions needed to clarify. Thyrotoxicosis in the elderly, or to note that Vitamin D deficiency is relatively common diseases may not manifest clinically, and for this reason both of these factors may be excluded with appropriate laboratory tests. In contrast, for example, a small increase in BMD in the treatment of a significant reduction in fracture risk, but the mean increase in BMD in fracture risk prediction is less than the person can not know.In a review of risk factors for osteoporosis in a large number of diseases associated with excessive, and many have already been identified by medical history or physical examination. First symptoms of osteoporosis is likely to alert the physician to search for factors act as a target. For example, 50 years earlier in people with osteoporosis, and osteoporosis in men. Age of the patient due to low bone mineral content of the guide in the search for reasons for the outbreak of the disease in both men and women.

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