An Overview of Arthritis Types, Causes and Treatment

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Arthritis is common and indicates the status of the body, damaging any of the joint. Indeed, one way or the other 100 different variations, and there are all of the above,but is generally around the same pain and swelling of the affected joints.American,and other parts of the world, the most common cause of arthritis, is considered tohave a disability. Statistics horror they have: more than 45 million people areestimated to suffer from arthritis in one form or another, this is America. This number is 300,000 children.There 100 types of arthritis, but arthritis, osteoarthritis,and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis for more than three types, he said, includingpreviously.Arthritis, the game takes place in a variety of materials in various joints.
 In simple terms, your bones will be added together by asthikattugalige; asthikattugalige is an elastic band, they were young and returned to their original shape.The surface of the cartilage covering bones that something is preventing it from directly interconnecting the bones and allows them to move smoothly. Capsule containing synovial fluid is a lubricant between. If you are wearing them on your joints to move away from the liquid level is kept at the top.However, when a person suffers from arthritis, a number of component parts that would not be wrong. The coating means that the joints, cartilage, synovial fluid is a possible lack of worn out if they are together forever, and Languages, or may be due to infection.Arthritis is usually the result of the fingers, and they are, but usually affect the arms and legs. In most cases, if they do not have problems with wrist arthritis, a person who has the other. They are beautiful and the pain and swelling of the joints often.They are used to stiffen a If, therefore, the morning symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis sufferers will tend to be worse.Osteoarthritis begins slowly, progresses gradually gets worse. The affected joints are painful and tender. Morning with the worse symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.Fruits commonly affected joints, hands, and knees, and the condition can be very debilitating. Finally, it is very difficult and can be difficult to move some of the joints.Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, the name refers to the impact on children. The previous two types, one for himself. There are a couple of hours after the evening's proceeds and comes completely disappeared worsens develop a fever. Weight loss occurs when the patient because of poor appetite. Blotches or arms and legs look like a rose, and the child can walk with a limp as possible. A number of swollen joints may occur quickly. The effect of the main joints of the neck and hips, but it can be done in many other joints.

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