What is Sciatica and What Can You Do to Reliev and Treat the Condition


This nerve, when someone has this condition, because the medical condition of one of the larger impact of the human body, sciatica, so called. The lower part is connected to the spinal nerve, which extends below the hip joint, passing through the right thigh.

As all the nerves of the body, which is comparable to wire connection from your computer to your printer and a scanner. When a computer and printer behind the print run is completed, or that any problems that your computer sends information tells the printer to print.

For the distance of the nerve, the messages transmitted by the nerve between your brain and your thigh muscle, your brain tells the muscles contract, so you can scroll through your lap. Suffering from sciatica nerve in your lap and allow information to be transmitted to your brain, your brain when a person says something is wrong, the pain messages.

Pain is the bodies way of telling you that something is needed that break, the pain so you will not be able to understand the normal course of your lap, because it is so prohibitive, causing significant damage to your stand. , As far as a warning system, the pain is very debilitating and depressing, it is better. Also, in the case of sciatica, the development of the problem, take a long time, a person may have pain for several weeks.

Is caused by inflammation of the sciatica nerve, in many cases there is a problem or a disk just went to the bottom of the spine. It inflames the brain to send messages that cause nerve compression and pain. Pain in lower back, thigh and below the bottom side of the body can experience.

Sciatica caused by a sudden phenomenon. Here it is too heavy to move awkwardly or you can pick up, what is actually in many cases, the person can not really remember at all. Tingling or numbness in your lap and get it first and then the inflammation gets worse, it will be painful. In general, most of the night and morning kedisuttave may not be a bad pain in your lap is very difficult to move.

Children and young people with sciatica are usually not, in fact, people who suffer from the typical age range of 50 through 30. Statistics, once a person is an occurrence that sciatica, then they are more susceptible to getting back. A prolapsed disc is an underlying problem, or simply attach the nerve to be weak, because there may not be the first. If you suffer from sciatica in an offensive manner, it is worthwhile to your doctor for medical advice.

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