What is Achilles Tendonitis?

Achilles Tendonitis
If you are an athlete who competes in marathons or any type of sport that involves running, sprinting and jumping, most likely you have met with Achilles tendonitis. Also known as Achilles tendinosis, is an injury to the back of the ankle where the major muscle tissue known as the Achilles tendon becomes weak and degenerate due to loss of fiber structure.

During the previous years, Achilles tendonitis was often associated with inflammation of the muscular tissue at the back of the ankle. However, due to recent studies and observations, inflammation has been blotted out of the scene as the problem is more in the degeneration of the muscle tissue. There are many reasons why a person, especially an athlete gets hurt with this kind of problem. The top factor that influences these specific sites in the lower extremities is due to its excessive use. Strenuous activities added with a little amount of rest during the game usually results in the degeneration of the muscle tissue. Other stuffs which can result in Achilles tendonitis is the use of high heels, improper footwear during training sessions, weak muscle structures, and overpronation of the foot during a practice and running up or raised area.

People who are successful with Achilles tendinosis is either through acute or chronic condition that has the same signs and symptoms, but both are differently acquired. In an acute condition, the injury was acquired in a matter of a few days where pain, discomfort and other symptoms of the problem settled in to a chronic condition, a gradual progression of the injury was experienced by the patient as pain slowly settles on every day, as the condition worsens.

This type of muscle condition can be treated well and successfully, but especially with the right treatment methods and discipline required for successful treatment and recovery process. Rest and cold compress therapy are both essential for the recovery and restoration of muscle strength. Cold therapy is it that the condition is under control and that the swelling process is kept in a bay. Cushion on the sole of the foot affected is also important and should be used to ensure the safety of the lower extremity. If you are wearing improper footwear, make sure that you are going to change to the ideal one in order to prevent aggravating the condition of your Achilles tendonitis. Sports massage can help you restore the condition of the degenerated muscle tissue or the Achilles tendon.

When it comes to the length of the recovery period, it can only be answered based on the individual progress of each patient. Remember that every single one of us is different from one another. The same is true with our discipline, dedication, as well as our bodies ability to heal itself. The best thing you can do to contribute to your recovery is doing all you can to help your body help itself. Follow all the rehabilitation program (s) prescribed by the doctor, a professional management your case.

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