Best Hemorrhoid Treatment

Hemorrhoid anal and rectal veins in the area of ​​inflammation. It is a pain, inconvenience and irritating condition. The status of people would love to hear the best hemorrhoid treatment.

Hemorrhoid is caused by many factors, such as childbirth, constipation due to bowel movements during the long time standing, sitting, or fiber to your diet - a lack, anal sex, diarrhea, heavy lifting and straining.

Even the popular saying goes, prevention, treatment, as well. If you are getting the best hemorrhoid treatment to prevent one. The more fiber in your diet can be made. Eat more fruits rich in fiber. Eat your apples including the skin. Pears, avocadoes, and raspberries are also high in fiber. For example, black beans, kidney beans, grains and bran cereals is home to consume more beans. If you have a good bowel movement is soft stool and to reach you.

Keep away from much salt. If you have too much salt in your blood pressure is not the best, which is swelling of the body, including the anal area, he added. If pain, swelling and inflammation of hemorrhoids.

Drink lots of water. Water benefits are many and we do it regardless. Lots of water needed by our body. You can help create a better horakalisuva so the body's soft stools. Reduce constipation, hemorrhoids with the opportunity to distance.

Hemorrhoids treatment is available in some natural way. If you want them to work with the other treatments that you can choose the best hemorrhoid treatment.

* Ice - apply ice on the anal area for hemorrhoids Ice Cube olaturisuvudarinda infected area provides instant relief. Helps to reduce swelling and irritation caused by the hemorrhoids.

* Warm sitz-bath - clean Keeping the speed of healing of hemorrhoids. Less anger, hemorrhoid sink and go faster. This will be your anal wet wipes soft cloth or soft it is important to keep deleted drained of all time.

* Aloe Vera Gel - Aloe Vera Gel-like material so that the content of the leaves and peel the skin. Massage gel directly to your anus. On the rectal area, itching and irritation caused by the wounds do not help, and to eliminate the hemorrhoid.

* Cayenne - This herb helps ease the pain caused by hemorrhoids is a natural solution. Purifies the blood and jump-starts your venous approach. You can create a paste of chilli powder and mixed with coconut oil from. Apply it to the infected area, and you will notice the effect immediately. Quickly to help healing process, with a warm glass of water, add chilli powder and half a teaspoon a day for drinking regularly.

Or to cure your hemorrhoids completely submerged in the first 2 1 weeks to go. Meeting

mind that there is no shortcut in the treatment of hemorrhoids. A combination of methods can be used to fast on your treatment.

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