How to Prevent the Onset of a Yeast Infection

If you have suffered from a yeast infection before, you will know how painful, uncomfortable, and disheartening the condition can be, not to mention embarrassing. Yeast infection is embarrassing in the sense that it makes one feel very itchy on the affected area, so if it is in the vagina, you will be very embarrassed to start scratching when in public. Further, a yeast infection can cause a foul discharge, which can also be very embarrassing when in public.

a yeast infectionNot to be discouraged though, yeast infection has a cure, which is very affordable and readily available. The best yeast infection cure is a natural or home remedy for yeast infection, as it combats the condition from the inside out, uprooting it from the root cause of the problem. Suffer no more from yeast infection; you can lead a normal life again. First things first though, the best way you can cure a yeast infection, and any other infection for that matter, is to prevent its onset in the first place.

Of course before you know how to prevent a yeast infection you should know its root cause so you know exactly how to approach it. Basically, yeast is one of the many fungi available in the human body and has an important role to play for that matter. Sometimes however the yeast can get out of hand and a proliferation occurs, and this is when you start to become sick. So here are some important steps that will help you keep your yeast in check to avoid a proliferation of the same.

Destroy the habitation of Yeast – yeast is known to flourish in warm and damp parts, no wonder it is found in the vagina, mouth etc. wearing tight synthetic panties and other tight clothing will see to it that heat and moisture is trapped in the vagina, thus facilitating the growth and multiplication of yeast. On the flip side of the coin, cotton is known to offer better aeration than synthetic materials and can really help in regulating heat and dampness. Always ensure you put on dry, clean underpants made of cotton every day. By the same token, after a sweaty exercise such as working out or swimming, you are advised to change out of the wet clothes immediately so you won’t facilitate an overgrowth of yeast

Starve yeast – how else do you make something die if not by starving it? Yeast loves sugar a lot. You see when wine is fermenting, it is as a result of yeast consuming sugar and then transforming it into alcohol. It is the same thing that takes place in the human body. Diabetic people are especially more vulnerable to yeast infections seeing as it is they have a lot of sugar in their body and blood system. Just restrict your intake of sugar so you don’t continue feeding yeast and the infection will be at bay.

With that being said, the secret is always to control the yeast and keep it in its normal pH range so it doesn’t proliferate and cause an infection.

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