How Diet Can Affect Your Cholesterol

lower cholesterol
There’s a famous saying, “you are what you eat”. Health is one of the biggest blessings that we can have. Without a good health we cannot do anything, we cannot enjoy life. Our life is in our own hands. With the right health choices we can live a longer more joyous and healthy life. But who says eating healthy is boring? There are so many different kinds of foods out there that are delicious yet very healthy. All you need to know is how to incorporate them in your meals to get a diet that will lower cholesterol. Once you become aware of the complete range of foods out there that are actually healthy, you will begin to realize how fun it can be to create meals that are healthy for you and others as well.

We all know about the foods that are bad for us, the whole long list of foods to avoid but are you aware of all the great super foods out there that are great for adding to your diet that lower cholesterol? If not, this article will educate you completely on all the super foods out there waiting for you to be savored. The whole trick lies in how you incorporate it into your recipes so that you achieve a lower cholesterol level while also being very delicious. Let’s start with oats. Oats are called a super food because it is considerably high in soluble fiber which is just what we need for to help lower cholesterol. The soluble fiber in oats will help to absorb the cholesterol in your blood stream. Along with oats there are other high – fiber foods like legumes, beans and fruits like apples and pears.

You might be wondering how boring and tasteless it will be to eat oats. But who says you have to start eating porridge. Simply throw in some oats in your bowl of favorite cereals or add them in your recipe next time you bake cookies. You will love the nutty crunch that oats add to your recipe while giving you the satisfaction of knowing that you are taking a small step to lower your cholesterol. Likewise when it comes to eating fruit you can always work up a recipe like mixed fruit cocktail or apple pie etc that will add more fiber to your diet while being equally yummy. Try adding blueberries to your pancakes when they are cooking on the griddle. It will be a tasty treat and will be good for you as well. Use the Internet to search for more recipes that incorporate these high – fiber foods in them so you can continue to make small changes to help lower your cholesterol.

Recent research has created a lot of interest in a natural substance that is found in plants called sterol. This substance is known to achieve wonders in keeping our bad cholesterol from being absorbed in to our blood streams. Since the structure of plant sterols are much the same as cholesterol they compete with the absorption of cholesterol in the digestive tract. When the sterols are absorbed instead of the cholesterol, blood cholesterol levels are lowered. Sterols are found in many vegetables, nuts, legumes and seeds. Including all these foods in your diet will give you a diet that will lower cholesterol. There are also many products available that have concentrated sterols in them such as Sesame, Olive and Canola oils.

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