Stem Cell Treatment For Cancer

Cells in the body's ability to grow in any cell that contains the ancient or immature cells. As a religious, moral, and the effects of embryonic stem cell research is an ongoing controversy. Cord blood and adult stem cells - stem cells, but there are two other less popular types.

stem cell researchNewborn child's umbilical cord blood stem cells are present in the blood. However, since it is considered a waste product, to protest research on stem cells from the low number of cards. Baby, sometimes some people need in the future, it is possible for their newborn baby's cord blood is frozen. Adult stem cells exist in adult human bone marrow. Within a few years ago, only used for the production of adult stem cells in blood, but now research shows that more was to be used in the effectiveness of treatments.

Cancer - Killer Disease

The major causes of cancer death in the world. Because all of the advancements we have made in the field of medicine, mankind has not been able to obtain cancer treatment. The contract provides a promising new therapy for cancer stem cell research.

A sample of cells may be involved in the treatment of all cancer patients. Age, the patient's general health and how the cancer spreads to the stem cell level, a number of factors.

Cancer stem cells

Today, most cancer treatments destroy cancer cells and prevent it from metastasizing to other parts of the body include chemotherapy doses. One of the most effective treatment. In addition to the killer cells to destroy healthy cells in your body, but the downside.

Transplantation of autologous bone marrow are stem cell research and stem cell rescue a variety of cancer treatment, and provides an option for. Treatment on the patient's own bone marrow are overcoming the destructive effect of the use of peripheral stem cells and bone marrow are involved.

Stem Cell Transplant

Radiation or chemotherapy, the patient's healthy stem cells will be given a fresh solution. The patient's own body is stored in the cells prior to chemotherapy as a method. Provides a compatible donor cells. You can collect cells from the blood or bone marrow are removed.

Stem cell transplantation for about two days after high doses of chemotherapy, the blood is carried out in the same way. After the cells enter the blood stream, the fresh, new red and white blood cells and platelets to develop astringency Travel.

After stem cell transplantation

After stem cell transplantation, the development of white blood cells of the immune system of the patient to initiate some of the same operating time. Precautions to prevent infection must be careful at this time. After stem cell infusion, the patient is bleeding, etc., the donation must be made to further treatment or cure of infection

The presence of stem cells from a donor, the patient's body rejects them as foreign companies have recognized the danger of the donor's cells. This can happen in a month, which can lead to implant failure.

Oncologists and reduce complications in the process of patient care for those needs too. Most patients with physical therapy and spiritual support for stem cell cancer of the mind, body and spirit to strengthen and rejuvenate with a customized, holistic care plan will respond well.

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