Regain Fatherhood Without Reversing Vasectomy!

Medical conditions to get back to the non-fertility restoration of a potential vasectomy patients and other changes. Vasectomy in the development of medical science to the following families, couples want to expand a number of offers. Considered to be simple and easy way to restore fatherhood vasectomy is back. This word was severed during a vasectomy, vasectomy sperm and undoes a surgical procedure with the passageway again. However, there are disadvantages to this surgery.

The average employee cost of vasectomy reversed is very unfavorable. The approximately 6000 U.S. $ 15,000 to restore the fertility of the shell may have. Beyond the value, the pregnancy rate can be frustrating for the couple. All patients with post-vasectomy reversed is to achieve a pregnancy. In fact, the full 100 per cent success rate of vasectomy does not guarantee protection. Statistics and Research, the "healthy" pregnancy rate of 76 percent is estimated. Pregnancy after vasectomy back, there are various factors that influence access to. Candidates, it any, as a pre-pregnancy rate slims down themselves. As well as the risks and complications associated with vasectomy is reversed. The chance of failure, failure of procedure shall be obliged to place. This may lead to permanent sexual problems.

Vasectomy without the father's duty to restore it back to have a number of ways. Medical progress, to help couples achieve pregnancy, have a few alternative rehabilitation techniques.

Invitro Fertilization (IVF)

Defective sperm quality and infertility problems in women with IVF an option for men. A male sperm and female egg fertilization in IVF to be cultured in a dish. Eggs and sperm for successful fertilization in order to achieve optimal payment should be required to function normally. Thus, a fertilized egg becomes an embryo. This is then transferred into the female uterus. A successful pregnancy after the "pipe-child" is produced. Without prejudice to the quality of sperm and egg that conceiving a child, this technique requires a healthy life. The number of vasectomy is not an option, they may continue to IVF. However, the pregnancy rate per IVF is low.

Intracytomplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

ICSI to produce offspring without a vasectomy back is the other alternative. This is a direct injection of sperm and eggs, is an IVF. Unfortunately, studies of birth defects in ICSI compared to IVF confirmed that the opportunity to develop. In addition, beyond the possible defect and a low pregnancy rate, this technique for treatment of various medical procedures and the female partner can be very stressful.

Sperm production can not be changed even after vasectomy. Procedure is called percutaneous Epididymal Sperm desire in men's reproductive organ is the product of the sperm. Generation of the liquid can be used for the production of IVF or ICSI. Testicular Sperm Extraction Pesa is an alternative disposal of testes tissue (TESE is not). IVF Sperm are produced in the tissue.

Artificial TOHUMLAMANIN or Sperm Donor

Donor sperm is one of the word, donate sperm. This sperm is injected into the female's reproductive tract. Male partner in a successful pregnancy is achieved is considered to be a genetic or biological father. Donor sperm can be obtained from the sperm bank. Artificial insemination is used as an alternative to male infertility.
Vasectomy, which most people are likely to restore fertility, as the first option will apply to the vasectomy reversed. However, for the production of vasectomy to the other generation of IVF, or if you have any other alternative. Which one of the age factor. Female infertility is not parallel to its age. This number will appear in the semen after vasectomy reversed is to wait a year or more.

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