Post-Vasectomy Reversal- Must Read Tips to Increase Fertility!

All potential patients vasectomy vasectomy reversed back to the restoration of fertility, they will ensure that you'll need to choose. Their semen after surgery, no there is no guarantee it will be perfectly rational. Men who had vasectomy anti-sperm antibodies that productivity can develop their improbable. All is well after the vasectomy reversed, the main concern is how to increase male fertility.

Productivity, which is to live, through parenthood. However, especially for men with fertility, sperm are healthy and reliable. Pregnancy after a vasectomy to get it back, no guarantee that even if true, as you'd like to father a child as there are ways to increase fertility.

Understanding Infertility

Knowledge of infertility is a factor for increasing productivity. With an infertility specialist for a successful pregnancy after vasectomy reversed, is the ideal time to try to achieve. Pregnancy until the doctor can guide you every step. More importantly, an infertility specialist, you increase your chances of do's and don'ts of pregnancy may be related to the exact specifications.

Healthy Living

Your lifestyle, your body can affect the function of every cell. I really have to re-plan a baby before, you'll need to evaluate your total health. To eliminate all factors that may affect your fertility. You vasectomy and vasectomy reversal surgery two times that of the viability of your sperm may have changed. Predisposing more chance to restore health to toxins may reduce fertility.
Healthy Foods
Diet is an important factor in male fertility. Eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. To improve and increase the number of sperm in the sperm that contains anti-oxidant. This pair, but also need to eat a well-balanced diet. B vitamin, folic acid, zinc, calcium, and men and women, but also increase the fertility of iron-rich food diet. Spinach for women can increase the chance for conception.


Study of productivity and that the assistance is adequate moisture. Dehydrating the number and quality of sperm and female cervical mucus may change. In order to increase the fertility of fruit and vegetable juices are good.

Elimination of Environmental Toxins

Exposure to excessive environmental toxins can alter your productivity. Post-vasectomy patients to infections, especially in the hot tub and sauna to prevent the need to avoid. The influence of heat and radiation can lead to infertility even more that there will be damage to sperm. Second hand smoke can change the viability of the sperm.

Medicines Medication

Herbal medicines are generally safe when taken inappropriately. Ginseng, astragalus, core, palmetto, Tribulus, sarsaparilla and saw a chance to restore fertility after vasectomy may increase recovery.

No Alcohol, No smoking, No drugs, No Caffeine

This is really harmful toxins, which will change the quality of your sperm. Smoking damages sperm and mobility in the form of the chemical is toxic. According to research, quitting smoking after 5 to 15 months among the 800 percent increase in the number of sperm of 50 men who have quit. Caffeine consumption and a decrease in sperm DNA affects sperm motility. Alcohol and illegal drugs are toxins that alter the sperm viability. In particular, men, patients with post-vasectomy, it is necessary to prevent toxins and intake.
Restoration of fertility after vasectomy increase the chance for fatherhood is not a parallel increase. To improve your lifestyle, you'll be able to gradually produce healthy sperm. Implementation of the restoration of fatherhood for the second time around may be more sure.

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