Chaste Berry: A Woman’s Best Food Supplement

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Long before there was a doctor's office or pharmacy, the people of disease and illness are found in nature, plants and minerals found in assuagement. However, today's technology, we successfully prevent or cure various diseases, dietary supplements can help Mother Nature gift of a bottle in place. One of the most popular ingredients in the supplements, especially in women, chaste berry.Why are women the best nutritional supplement for the purity of the tree you want to show in this article.Clean the wood has been found in southern Europe and western Asia. Usually grow in a way, this attractive plant with blue or lavender flowers sports a pleasing fragrance. Fruits are small and have a sharp taste, the leaves fall in autumn, their medical benefits are going.The tree is considered sacred for centuries in herbal medicine. He was once used as a sex therapy against the monks, that monk pepper. Complaints related to the reproductive system, so that men and women and is thought to be a good herb. Flowers, berries, leaves and berries of the purity of the tree trunks, and all the store has medicinal properties.Clinical signs of pure berry benefitsDrugs in the treatment of diseases tend to be based on evidence from the requirements of the legends, only to make a positive impact, but its characteristics during the clinical manifestation of pure wood. Prolactin levels are slightly lower than that of the tree proved to be pure. FSH and prolactin in women is affected by the follicle - stimulating hormone, estrogen, the level of impact. This means that the slow decrease of estrogen levels, pure berry, such as irritability, depression, emotional sensitivity and the effect of PMS (premenstrual syndrome), low, that is, insomnia, hundreds of very few signs of fatigue, headaches, PMS referred to the suffering of those who remained disappointing.Menopause SupportClean energy and physical discomfort associated with menopause may be reduced by Berry, according to ongoing studies with complimentary daily. Hormone replacement therapy for many diseases, cancer and blood clots is greater than the chances of a given cause, the good news. Therefore, a safe, natural alternative.No ill effectsLike many herbs, pure berry, while reporting the use of any safety or risk of side effects. Of course, no additional recommendations that more is always better. At present, the general principles for the 30 mg daily dose of 40 grams of the dried berry of the chaste tree.To select the best nutritional supplements on the market, only to see a doctor or an online review suggests that the best is to read and how you can until you think you can see a comparison of all the supplements. Also, check the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of your country "or to ensure that the product tested and found safe for human consumption, to conquer the Department of Health.When you - when it comes to counter your application, carefully follow the instructions for use. Vitex chaste tree is sometimes called, can be found in pill or liquid form.

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