Stretch Marks Healing Tips

Stretch marks
Healing stretch marks is not easy. Stretch marks are the tears of the skin, usually caused by puberty stage, pregnancy, body building and sudden loss weight. The skin in this stage is affected by atrophy; this is a skin condition wherein it is characterized by stiffness, weakness, size of tissue decreases, and the cellular proliferation is diminished. The line surfaces you see in your buttocks, thighs, breasts, and abdomen are the stretch mark scars. These scars are not usually disappearing by moisturizers and collagen. It can be prevented by regaining skin firmness, suppleness, strength and elasticity. Stretch marks healing are only achieved through the help of molecules formed by glycans. Glycans can be found attached to proteins and found in the exterior surface of cells and promotes proliferation of healthy skin. Treatment needs enzymes and molecules to binds communication between cells and to differentiate scar tissue from healthy tissue and rebuild healthy tissues. To treat or heal stretch marks, your body needs to differentiate or identify scar tissue from functional tissue in skin matrix and your body must be able to degrade proteins that made off of scar tissue to create new skin and achieved only through messenger molecules and enzymes. The prevention products of these stretch marks are intended to replenish the skin matrix by stimulating the collagen and elastin. Hormonal changes causes an inability to react to skin matrix synthesis and the changes in skin metabolism affect during pregnancy period, puberty growth spurts and taking steroids for months.

Many companies selling products to heal stretch marks but the truth is that there is no solution to treat or prevent this kind of marks. The discoloration of stretch marks usually fades overtime but it will not return to its original appearance. If the person’s skin heals well with a small scarring, can expect less obvious stretch marks than person’s having poor skin healing. Healing of stretch marks is difficult and in fact it depends on the person’s skin. Stretch marks are caused by tears on the dermis of the skin. Your body creates them to heal itself with its own resources. Once these scars are formed, it is very hard to get rid of them. Stretch mark products are only address on symptoms such as; dryness, this is not the cause for stretch marks. The marks are developing below the skin surface. Treatment for stretch marks act only on the surface of the skin and not deep enough into the dermis where scar tissues are formed. The best way to heal stretch marks is by the use of natural serum, it targets the roots not just the symptoms. Natural serum restores skin strength and metabolism. It dissolves deep scar tissue with gentle enzyme that digests the non functional tissue due to damage and rebuild quickly without drying and peeling of the skin. It provides messenger molecules to your skin that bridge the communication between cells and it has natural collagen boosters that break down some superficial scarring of skin.

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