Medicinal Properties of Muira Puama

Name of
 Muira Puama 'timber capacity' to become. These come in two types Ptychopetalum olacoides Ptycopetalum uncinatum andshrubs. They also offer numerous benefits that the plant is a plantcommonly used drug for the treatment of sexual problems in South America.
Energy booster and stimulant Muira Puama has been used in ancient times to improve energy,stamina and speed are considered. Plant is a nerve stimulant,impotence and related problems, indicating that the activity has been found effective. Research the plant sterol that has been shown to helpin the production of testosterone and other hormones.
Various Forms in Which Muira Puama is Consumed
puamaThe oil from this plant is also found to be extremely beneficial in alleviating symptoms of rheumatism. The root and bark is often used to treat painful cramps that arise during menstruation. Similarly, the herb is also very effective in addressing the discomfort that usually accompanies the onset of PMS in many women. For this purpose, the root and bark are made into a tea. Problems with the reproductive system may also be treated in the same way.
The root and bark are ground into a paste and used as an application for treating beri beri and paralysis of the limbs. Massaging the oil of the Muira Puama is also found to have good effect with people suffering from such ailments.
While the bark of this tree has been found to have a hypotensive effect that extends over a short period, the leaves have an analgesic effect. The root restricts the growth of ulcers that are the result of excessive stress. Thus, every part of the tree has some benefit to offer.
Helps Reduce Stress
Muira Puama also helps reduce stress and related problems. Fatigue and exhaustion are also common complaints often treated with Muira Puama brews. The herb is believed to improve overall cardio vascular health as well as enable smooth functioning of the gastrointestinal system. As heart problems and poor digestion are common complaints faced by over stressed people, Muira Puama can be called an effective stress buster herb.
Other Benefits
The Muira Puama herb is used as an effective nerve tonic and general health booster. Many traditional medicine health care givers use this herb for treating patients suffering from severe rheumatism and ataxia. According to the British Herbal Medicine Association, Muira Puama is useful for treatment of dysentry and other gastrointestinal disorders. This herb is also one of the few natural aphrodisiacs that come with negligible side effects. Muira Puama is also considered a good cure for baldness.
It is important to note that a completely different species of plant Liriosma ovate is also called Muira Puama. This tree is commonly found in Brazil and it is completely different from the Ptychopetalum olacoides and Ptycopetalum uncinatum. It is best to purchase Muira Puama from a trusted source to prevent any confusion between the two species and any adverse effects resulting from it.

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