Kundalini Healing

what is kundalini
When the kundalini symptoms of kundalini to awaken people to their body and mind - there is a natural product. The word 'Kundalini' comes from the Hindu tradition, and our spine lies unconscious on the ground that we all used to describe a form of covert power. His' divine spouse together with the head until the person reaches enlightenment and awakening of the power then rises up the spine, along the way, all the wheels, purifies. Kundalini energy, heat, tingling and brilliant white energy.Kundalini experiences all over the worldHinduism is not limited to the abdomen, but the concept of energy rising up to the head of our spiritual traditions, have been known throughout the world. Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism parts of it, or simply went by his Holy Spirit 'as used in expressions' neikung' and refers to the Christian tradition, the people, 'tummo' (literally, 'the woman') is known as the 'grace'.Kundalini giftsKundalini experiences were more or less all the people rushing through his system, and a wonderful spiritual views, sublime pleasure or the ability to heal others as gifts of clairvoyance or mind power they have in common the prize to some of the potential energy felt overwhelmed. Get a great insight into the questions that people may not be as important to mankind, they are true works of art can create or help others in a profound way. These experiences culminated in uniting the people of God may remain, or the fact that it is becoming mature.The challenges of kundalini awakeningUnfortunately, these wonderful gifts of kundalini awakening can be achieved by a rare, wonderful surprise, but one of the most destructive force of Kundalini, the of - the product to work patiently through the inevitable challenges that they are the result of many years. Kundalini is the symptoms of a psychotic break down to complete the work with their own personality, unexplained physical pain, severe emotional disturbances, ranging from a can. Understand what is happening to them because they are going through a person who is usually what makes it worse, many of these experiences are often exacerbated by mental confusion.Traditionally, it is the kundalini (or does not want people to their cultural background, that is called) can only be achieved by dedicated religious practice that is taught through the years. However, after the publication of the book Gopi Krishna 'kundalini' spiritual practice independently, which is so severe that many people - in front of the spontaneous Kundalini awakenings have been reported.Kundalini experiences are usually negative during this natural gift items and more pronounced for subjects to be confused with Kundalini symptoms.Why do the Kundalini can be so painful?Kundalini is basically energy, and our, mental spiritual, emotional and physical system, and works as an amplifier. Originally, all enhanced by our experiences - and the blessing or curse, depending on what might be going on in our mind. Our lives are, well, love, spirituality and meaningful work for us more fully when the Kundalini is our work of love, the spiritual and successfully.Unfortunately, when the Kundalini is struck, the 'ideal' circumstances, it is rarely in place. At various stages of their life challenges and the challenges of kundalini awakening to the positive aspects enhanced with. As a result, we have psychedelic properties, challenging and confusing feelings and perceptions of the city with us. Embarrassing or painful, involuntary body movements that can be disconcerting - Kundalini effect on the body, we can not, therefore, our physcial - that you can experience the kundalini kriyas.But what is bad, everyone has an unconscious mind, and Kundalini is like a huge force that tears down the barriers of our unconsciousness. As a result, memories of the pain may come up - and even worse - we are also careful to disturbance, antisocial drives, for example, the surface of the megalomaniac ideas, racist or pornographic thoughts, inappropriate sexual urges and things get violent. Anyone who is, in our unconscious nature of these attacks may have. In some ways this is hell, and they inhabit, their relationship is not anahutagalannu can experience.How to combat symptoms of Kundalini* In order to confront the teacher of Kundalini symptoms of obsessive about all potential risks and rewards of true spiritual seeker towards the guide so that, traditionally, the experience is not only spiritual and intimate relationship with the student teacher is sure to be beneficial in  Kundalini process.* So, for people to awaken the Kundalini and it is possible to adopt a healthy life style, middle of the main. Taking the drugs, the complex is excited by the strong emotions of sexual or further tilt the balance in our life must be carefully and strictly. Instead, eat a healthy food, gardening, or walking in nature, adopting a kind of gentle sleep and a lot of hobbies and ice.* The next piece of advice that they seriously slow down your symptoms because it is too spiritual practices. Instead, we guide the process of finding the best qualified to be a spiritual guru. Kundalini is a powerful and deeply rooted and psychologically healthy people may be upset.* Anyone who experiences a strong kundalini kriyas It is important to relax and panic. This involuntary movement will land at the time of their agreement.They represent the past, our unconscious hid our problems because * unfortunately, rarely, or just go to the Kundalini symptoms. Therefore, we can work on these problems should seek help. However, we do not, such as acupuncture, homeopathy or other forms of energy healing, "energy medicine" is needed as with everything. Our energy system is already seriously out of balance, this is not a benign treatment systems are still not happy we can be.* Another piece of advice is all over the world to read biography of the holy people.We all have ways of God, or the fact that he was in his biography of the great upheavals before the emergence of an adult may have to go through. This understanding of our struggles may not be very comforting.* Last but not least, we Kundalini uniting with God, or the fact that in our spiritual quest toward becoming an adult does not need to remember is meaningful only intensifies. We have already done so - and now as a spiritual system to find the time to channel the energy of our affected. It is also advisable to reduce the speed of the religious celebration of life is very useful to adopt a more spiritual or religious orientation.

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