How Do You Treat Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid colon or swollen veins in the anal is done on the state. 
Swelling of the membranes surrounding the veins, irritated itchy, swollen, and bleed to get the result. It is the most painful and irritating.
How quickly will help to correct the condition that you have Hemorrhoids. Also, surgery, treatment of hemorrhoids naturally, in other words, there are.

How to Treat Hemorrhoids do - by the proper lifestyle
* Eat more fiber - hemorrhoids and constipation are common causes of the filter is unnecessary. Keeping a normal bowel movement will help speed your healing.Fiber intake of 20 to 30 grams per day is needed to prevent constipation. The fiber content of fruits and vegetables, apples with skin, avocado, pears, raspberries, cooked peas, cooked kidney peas, cooked black beans, and bran cereals have a home.
* Drink more water - hydrated so your body is excreting less pain, get help keeping your stool. Irritated by the low frequency of your hemorrhoids, it pariharisida quickly.
* Warm sitz-bath - the infected area clean and warm sitz-bath, 2, 3 times a day to help the chief. Keeping the area clean with a warm bath also helps reduce swelling there. Sadilisi release may help you.
* The amount of time you sit down - it was just sitting in the requirements for a long time to reduce your status kedisuttave comes. If you are more comfortable to sit on a cushion on your chair can be used.
How to Do Hemorrhoids Treatment -
Natural Treatments
* Vitamin E - Vitamin A is a hole at the top of the capsule and apply it on the infected area. Provides immediate relief of the symptoms of hemorrhoids. The two times daily here.
* Ice - apply ice directly on the infected area and felt immediate relief. It also helps to reduce swelling. In general, if you are able to do so, or every 15 minutes. This process is due to the pain of your hemorrhoids, to help ease the burning and itching.
* Cayenne - Cayenne is an herb for blood purification and to warn of the Circulatory System. Mix half a teaspoon chilli powder in a glass with warm water and drink it every day. You can create a paste of chilli powder and mixed with coconut oil can be up to you. Apply the paste of the infected area and helps in the healing of your hemorrhoids fast.
* Aloe Vera - This has been used for centuries to treat hemorrhoids. Squeeze the gel out of Aloe vera leaf and apply it on the infected area. You can peel the skin of an internal hemorrhoid, and cut into pieces if the soft part. But they are frozen in the freezer to set up and add them in the anal area. This provides instant relief and helps to reduce irritation.
So, how you can cure Hemorrhoids? You can choose a combination of these methods, there is no if you get more comfortable. If your hemorrhoids are usually 1 to 2 weeks it will take to reduce or completely.

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