Getting Lupus Treatment to Work For Long Term Positive Results

If you or a family member have been recently diagnosed with lupus you have no doubt been looking into various lupus treatments. This is something you will continue to do even if you have been a lupus suffer for some time. Lupus treatment hasn't changed much over the last 50 years. There is basically three types of drugs used by doctors.
1. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
2. Antimalarial drugs
3. Corticosteroids

You must understand that this standard lupus treatments, they are more for the treatment of the symptoms that the causes of lupus you eliminate in the first place.
Minimize the symptoms is certainly important and should not be taken lightly. This is something that is needed so it can continue to function and lead a productive life, but he must never give up looking for lupus treatments that will effectively treat the condition at the level of cause.
I know for me I was even a day and can not get out of bed the next. Lupus hit me at once. I was so sick that my doctor me on steroids to get things under control. This worked well in the beginning but after a few months byproduct started setting up and they were awful, especially weight gain.
I have at one time or the other been on all the above types of drugs. But I have discovered a lupus treatment that has little to no side effects and long turn benefits because it deals with the root causes instead of the symptoms.
I am referring to natural remedies for lupus. I know what you're thinking because I thought the same when it was first recommended to me. But it is not a desperate attempt to grab straws. You look at your condition in a whole different way, one that really addresses the problem at the cellular level.
My doctors explained to me that my immune system was attacking me. They didn't know why, but they could treat it by using the immune suppressing drugs. But there is a reason why the immune system acts this way and it is not being fooled or overacting. There is a disturbance in the Extracellular Matrix. Toxins are building up in soft connective tissues and this needs to be corrected.
There are various natural remedies for lupus that you can implement to overcome this issue. First you will have to identify your personal trigger or triggers. What it is that is getting things out of balance. It could even be a combination of things. Dietary deficiencies, sleep habits, food allergies, environmental exposures, and stress are just some of the triggers.
The main thing with natural remedies for lupus is to take action and implement. You will have to do the research because your doctor's work load dosen't allow him or her the time. You will become pro-active in your health, more involved and you will wind up understanding your personal circumstances even better than your doctor. As you make improvements in you health your doctor will reduce the lupus treatments he or she is prescribing.

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