Factors to Consider Before Reversing Vasectomy- A Must Read!

Reversing a vasectomy is not as easy as it sounds. A successful vasectomy does not guarantee a successful vasectomy reversal. The latter is a more complicated surgical procedure and takes longer hours of surgery. The demand, risks, and cost of reversing vasectomy have to be taken seriously.

Expertise of the Vasectomy Reversal Doctor

reversal procedureBecause vasectomy reversal is a complex microsurgical procedure, the need to find the best qualified vasectomy reversal doctor is a must. His expertise and skills will determine the success or failure of reversing vasectomy. Since this is a life-changing surgery, potential vasectomy reversal patients must scrutinize the performance of his potential doctor. There is no harm in asking anyway. When looking for a vasectomy reversal doctor via the internet, do not be deceived immediately by statistics pertaining to success rate. If possible ask for referrals from your family doctor. He might know someone who is credible and has proven expertise on vasectomy reversal surgeries. If possible, fish for testimonials from previous patients of your potential doctor.

Facilities of the Clinic/Hospital

Once you’re convinced on the expertise of the potential vasectomy reversal doctor, it is important to ask where the surgery is performed. Sterility of the surgical area must be considered. A part of you will be cut open upon reversing vasectomy. This means that you are prone to pathogenic contamination. The risk of infection is high and may further result to complications. Drop the deal when you’re uncomfortable with the place. Otherwise, regaining fatherhood is at stake.

The Cost of Reversing Vasectomy

Unlike vasectomy, vasectomy reversal is not covered by health insurance. Patients have to come up with at least $6000 to $15,000 to pursue the surgery. On a positive note though, reversing vasectomy is cheaper compared to other means of reproduction technique like IVF or ICSI. Factors that contribute to the whole cost of vasectomy reversal include the pre-operative tests, use of anesthesia, services of the anesthesiologist and vasectomy reversal doctor, and post-operative treatment. Because reversing vasectomy is usually done in an outpatient setting, the cost is still cheaper compared to a hospital pay. There are also low cost vasectomy reversal doctors who are equally trained and experts on the field. Some clinics and doctors also offer financial assistance to potential vasectomy reversal patients.

The Risks of Reversing Vasectomy

Complications are known to be very minimal in vasectomy reversal. However, post-surgical risks may develop after a period of time. Minimal and tolerable pain is expected post-vasectomy reversal. Other expected risks include bruising, swelling, and discomfort. When pain sensation gets worse over time, the risk for infection and surgical complication is possible. Patients are at risk for developing sperm granuloma, hematoma, antisperm antibodies, and allergic reaction due to anesthesia. Some studies confirmed that sperm count is lowered by 10 percent after two years from vasectomy reversal surgery. There is also a possibility of unsuccessful surgery. As such, expertise of the vasectomy reversal surgeon matters most.
Reversing vasectomy through surgical means is a common option for couples who want to expand or start a family. Unlike other alternatives in producing offspring, vasectomy reversal is the most convenient technique. Nevertheless, factors that contribute to the success of surgery shall not be ignored. Be sure to raise any surgical concern with your vasectomy reversal doctor. Do not put your chance of regaining fertility at stake.

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