Factors Causing Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction

One has to accept the fact that life can never be perfect. No matter how happy a person is, how satisfied they are, there will always have to experience certain problems and issues in their lives.
Some may face problems at a very young age. Others might face the same problems at a later stage. Well, one does not need to get too worried about this but rather look for solutions to such problems.

In this piece, we'll talk about the general problem of many young men and women. Problem is erectile dysfunction. It is also considered to be impotence. Impotence is a situation in which the individual fails to develop or maintain penile erection during or before sexual intercourse.
Some people suffering from impotence can not get hard at all. Others may get hard but not so hard to be fully satisfied while many others face problems not like to be able to stay erect for a long period of time. In any case, do not panic or get too worried, because in the past few years, so a lot of research has been carried out, and so many of the measures were presented and discussed. So for those people who are struggling with this problem, you should know that they can easily solve their problem.
Penile erection is the result of blood enters and is retained in the sponge bodies within the penis. This development is most often the result of sexual arousal, when signals are transmitted in the body. Therefore, erectile dysfunction or impotence can occur when the penis does not build if necessary.
The reasons for this type of disorder can be numerous. Some of these include:
• Excessive use of drugs, including nicotine. Anti-depressant medication is also part so those people who consume these, may have problems.

• Cavernosal disorders, also known as Peyronie’s disease.
• Stress, tensions, psychological anxiety, mental disorders, clinical depression, personality disorders and other psychological issues.
• Neurogenic disorders such as spinal cord and brain problems.
• Kidney failure.
• Negative feelings.
• Ageing: This factor is one of the most influential determinants of impotence.
• Lifestyle: Those people who smoke too much or are in a habit of drinking too much are exposed more to impotence.
• Medical reasons: In many cases, erectile dysfunction is caused because of medical reasons.
There are numerous ways to diagnose impotence. Some of them are:
• Duplex ultrasound: This is used to check for the blood flow, leakage in the veins or calcification of erectile tissue. In this case, ultrasound would be used to check for the blood pressure in the penis.
• Penile nerves function. Different tests are conducted in order to check for the sensation in the penis. The doctor would probably squeeze the head of the penis which causes the anus to contract. If it does, the nerves would be functioning fine.
• Nocturnal penile tumescence: It is natural for a person to have an average of 5 to 6 erections while sleeping. This is normal. But if these erections do not occur, this means that there is a problem.
• Magnetic resonance angiography: This particular test uses magnetic radio waves to provide detailed images of the blood vessels. The physician then checks the correct functioning of the vessels.
There is no doubt as to the importance and serious nature of this particular problem. Hence, it needs to be dealt with very carefully and with a lot of concern. This can only be done if people have complete knowledge on this topic.

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