A Chinese Traditional Medicine Called Dong Quai

Dong Quai is also known by its scientific name, Angelica Sinensis. The root is frequently used in Chinese traditional medicine. In China, women suffering from disorders in the reproductive system are often treated with Dong quai. The herb is, in fact, also known as the female ginseng. The Chinese also believe that Dong quai improves circulation. Dong quai belongs to the Apiaceae family and is usually found in China, Japan and Korea.
How is it Used?
The herb is most commonly ingested as a tablet or in liquid form. It is the root part of the herb that is medicinally valuable and this portion is removed and boiled to get an extract which is then ingested by the patient. This root may also be soaked in wine, which is later consumed after removing the root. In some cases, Dong quai may also be taken in natural form as the raw root, but only under medical supervision.
What are its Benefits?
It is believed that different parts of the Dong quai root have different benefits to offer. The top portion or the head of the root helps control bleeding. The middle part or body of the root enriches blood and helps digestion by keeping the bowels moistened. The ends of the root are believed to be effective in dealing with blood pooling or stagnation. In addition, Dong quai is believed to be an excellent tonic for women and has the effect of balancing the female hormone system.
Dong quai for the Elderly
Dong quai is known for its beneficial effects in strengthening the immune system. For the elderly, regular ingestion of Dong quai infusions results in greater resistance to common ailments leading to an overall improvement in general health.
Constipation, which is a common complaint among older people, can also be cured by Dong quai. The herb helps in bowel movement and thus ensures proper functioning of the digestive and excretory systems in elderly people.
Dong quai is also used with good effect in those people who are suffering from heart related ailments and discomfort. While the herb has been found to have analgesic properties, it is particularly beneficial for reducing chest pains in people who have heart ailments. The fact that the root of Dong quai also has anti coagulant properties makes this a popular treatment for people who have been diagnosed with arterial blockages.
Common old age problems that arise from poor blood circulation can also be effectively treated using Dong quai. The head portion of the Dong quai root promotes circulation to the head and neck of the human body. The root also offers relief to those suffering from high blood pressure.
Although Dong quai is most commonly used to treat women with menstrual disorders or Amenorrhea, the root is also very effective in alleviating several problems that are common in old age. It is important to consult a trained physician before taking the Dong quai roots because each part of the root has a distinctly different effect on the human body. The manner in which Dong quai should be consumed also has great impact on the root’s effects. By choosing an experienced medical practitioner who has adequate knowledge of this root, you can gain its best benefits.

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